Soft Label

SD2034 EAS RF Soft Label

Free samples, OEM
SD2034 EAS RF Soft Label
SD2034 EAS RF Soft Label
SD2034 EAS RF Soft Label



Product Description

1.?Bohang has its own production and R&D base of 2,000 square meters. Radio Frequency Soft Labels are sold directly by manufacturers, providing free trial and customized production services for labels.

2.Thin paper label, suitable for all 8.2MHz radio frequency system, suitable for supermarket anti-theft, book anti-theft, cosmetics store anti-theft and other environments in all products, can also be used for clothing price tag paste, Book audio-visual CD box paste, shampoo, wash bottle body paste, books and a series of small box packers Products can be used.

3.Good detection distance and effect, high stability, low false alarm rate.

Product Display
Product Specification
Brand: Bohang
Antenna color:?barcode (color customizable)


Work Environment: -10℃—60℃
Quantity of products??
1000 sheets / rolls, 20 volumes in a box.
Detection Distance:0.8-1.2 m
After-sale service
1.?Help you to know the relevant knowledge of commodity burglar-proof device before sale, design and install the design scheme for free and try out the sample.
2.Bohang EAS system’s service life is too long, you can send products to us, we can repair them for free, but you should pay for shipment.
3.If it belongs to the quality of the commodity itself, it can be returned at any time within 1 months.
4.?Bohang's staff service is on-line 24 hours at any time,you can ask any question at any time.
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