Shop anti-theft system - anti-theft for wine store

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Today, I continue to introduce the shop anti-theft system of the wine store anti-theft system .Its main need is the EAS bottle tag.
The security protection measures for wine bottles mainly require the hard tag - EAS bottle tag.
World famous winery
The wineries?of France are:
Chateau d'Yquem,Lafite Winery CHATEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD,Chateau de lastours,?Chateau Mouton Rothschild,Margaux Chateau CHATEAU MARGAUX,?Latour Winery CHATEAU LATOUR,?Obienne Winery CHATEAU HAUT-BRION,Chateau de Yquam Chateau d Yquam.
Italian wineries mainly have:
Moncalo Winery Moncaro,Zhuolin Winery Zonin
Spanish wineries have:
Rioja production area,Medrano Irazu Winery MEDRANO-IRAZU,Dinastia Vivanco Winery,Roda Winery
Australia's famous villages mainly include:
Among them, the wine produced by Lafite is popular in China. Because of the appreciation of Lafite in certain years, the wine of this winery is the first choice for collectors.
American Winery: Napa Valley
New Zealand's famous villages mainly include:
Madeblick Winery,Stone Ridge Vineyard Stonyridge Vineyard,Kimpton Valley Winery ,Gibbston Valley,Amisfield Vineyard Amisfield,New Mary Manor Villa Maria Estate.
Type of wine eas bottle tag
bottle tag Bohang
eas bottle tag Bohang China
Both tags are reusable and the tag is placed directly on the bottle.Like this,
Shop anti-theft system - anti-theft for wine store
There are other bottle tags styles like this.
eas bottle tag Bohang China
How to open the bottle tag?
Because the EAS bottle tag contains magnetic bars, it is frequency-sensitive. It has 58KHz and 8.2MHz, which is AM and RF. They all need the same unlocker, generally 8500GS is fine,like this.
bottle tag detacher Bohang China
If you still have any eas bottle tag needs, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.We are experts in shop anti-theft systems, since 2001.
Shop anti-theft system - anti-theft for wine store
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